Our Services

ProSteel, has participated in numerous domestic and international projects. These projects include Industrial, multi-story office buildings, schools and universities, stadiums, airports, hospitals, and churches. We have been successful in establishing ourselves as a quality supplier of steel detail drawings. We pride ourselves in strict adherence to each steel fabricator’s standard requirements, schedule and expectations.

ProSteel Detailing specializes in producing detailed structural steel fabrication shop and erection drawings that follow clients’ customized standards while maintaining the guidelines set by AISC, NISD and OSHA.

When you employ the services of ProSteel Detailing, you can look forward to:

  • Consistent communication with an experienced staff to produce on-time, on-budget results
  • Ability to supply Production Tracking Reports: ABM’s, Shop Bolt Lists, Field Bolt Lists, Material Summary, and Gather Sheets for convenience in the fabrication and erection process
  • Capability to provide CNC, KSS, DXF, CIS2, IFC, EPM and VRML files for Material Management software systems, shop production line equipment or merging our model with the final construction model for clash detection
  • Online Desktop Sharing that allows synchronized viewing of the project model from multiple locations promoting immediate solutions to all members of the construction team
  • FTP access for convenient, secure information transfer of large files
  • Working with an organization whose top management has more than forty years of combined steel industry experience
  • Drawings produced in Imperial or Metric measurement format
  • EPM DATA, Collaborating with Side plate and Corebraces



All shop and erection drawings are prepared based on clients’ requirements (standards) which helps the fabricators and erectors to simplify work and achieve their schedule.


Building Information Model, is a technology platform upon which professional from architecture, engineering and construction industry can work and share data collaboratively and efficiently. With BIM as the common language, various design team consultants can fulfill their specific task coherently and consistently.

With the advent of BIM — building design, construction and management has become an easier and cost effective task than ever before.

Building Information Modeling services include:

Creation of 3D Model

We create the 3D models instead of 2D perspective drawings which contains information about structure, quantities, materials and other data that can be used in both — the construction and management of a building. Complex 3D model allows everyone involved in the building lifecycle – architects, engineers, contractors and building owners – to view the model in different ways and share all necessary information.

Extraction of Project Information

From the BIM model we can easily extract all necessary information: Material Quantities, specific information about every single element, collisions between different elements etc.

Clash Detection

We use clash detection functions to avoid internal conflicts and reduce errors. Reduction of conflicts in the detailing process helps to avoid problems in the processes of fabrication and erection which are usually very expensive.

Creation of Libraries

We create parametric families of various components of building which serve as Intelligent Libraries. We create a centralized library of components such as typical connections, typical details etc. which can be used across many projects.

High Quality Construction Documents

3D model allows to easily extract shop drawings and single part drawings off all elements (beams, columns, braces etc.) necessary for the proper fabrication as well as all erection drawings used in the field.



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