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Who We ARE

In the mid 2006, ProSteel was one of the first steel detailing companies in Delhi to utilize the manpower team of 200+ people.
Combined with a customized version of the most sophisticated detailing software available, has enabled ProSteel to offer details overlooked by many in the steel detailing industry.

This attention to detail is part of the consistent approach we take to all of our work, no matter what size the job.
One way we have improved speed and accuracy is by developing a new method of management of jobs. Our skilled manpower along with the new method of management has provided us a cutting edge over other competitors

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Why Choose US

Equipped to meet your needs

No matter what your shop requires, ProSteel has the experience and technology to provide it. We can produce CNC files, reports or other data for your equipment and software. Controlled Automation, Peddinghaus/Peddimat, Fabtrol, Fabsuite, even your own custom program . . . we have the ability to give you what you need.

The neatest drawings in the business

We take great pride in our work, and realize that it's important for the drawings we create to be clear and easy to understand.

Precise erection drawings.

Most detailers generate erection drawings from what they've put into the computer from looking at the engineer's design drawings, or by adding piecemarks by hand and providing poor quality scanned drawings. These methods are prone to errors that could become very costly. At ProSteel, we've developed a method utilizing Adobe pdf and Postscript technologies to create erection drawings that retain the quality and integrity of the original design drawings, in a fully scalable, portable and compatible format.

The Time advantage

We are available right throughout the US timings to decrease the project schedule. Combined with a US number that is answered at any time you call. Just as you are working in your back office